Open Far plugins project hosts miscelanneous open source plugins for Far file and archive manager

Pugins for Far 2

NTEvent2Plugin for viewing Windows event logsDownload...
AdaFarSample plugin written in Ada programming languageDownload...

Pugins for Far 1

CEFarBrowsing Windows CE device connected to your machineDownload...
ConsoleManagerAllows to run several console programs in one console windowDownload...
MultiPanelMulti-panel plug-in for FAR ManagerDownload...

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New version of FarColorer: for Far 2 and for Far 3.
Many different fixes, add support Windows 2000.
Update HRC base

Released nt_event2 plugin for working with Windows events.
Changes are : Far 2.0 Unicode suport, x64 version

EclipseColorer 0.9.9 - bundled with linux and windows x86, x86_64 native part and fresh HRC syntax descriptions.
Add support for work with long strings.

New version of FarColorer: for Far 2 and for Far 1.75.
In FarColorer fixed work with long strings. Now the line is colorized in full, without crash in Far.
In FarColorer fixes all known bugs in the version for Far 2, increased speed of the plug, and fixed work with long strings.

EclipseColorer 0.9.0 - bundled with linux x86_64 native part and fresh HRC syntax descriptions.

Far File and Archive manager originally developed by Eugene Roshal becomes open source from version 1.8 The code is available under revised BSD license.

An updated and extended HRC-REF spec is published, thanks to Anatoly Techtonik.

Example plugins created with Far4j are available in the download area.

jcr: Java Content Repository browser
jdbc: Database browser
jmx: JMX browser - monitor and manage MBeans inside MBean server
ssh: SSH browser. Very limited functionality - example only
svn: Subversion changes browser
webdav: Browser for WebDAV

New version of EclipseColorer: 0.8.0. This is an experimental build with many new editing features supported: Folding, Annotations, line word wrapping, extended preferences and many other improvements. For now, can be downloaded only from area (not via Eclipse Update).

Eclipse Colorer is updated with additional Intel-Mac x86 native support. Thanks to Apla for this. Can be downloaded via update manager or from download area.


Mostly technical release, to catch up many latest changes. Includes great number of syntax fixes, some minor improvements of code.

Download, as always:

Project files successfully migrated from CVS to Subversion on 20 June 2006.
20 июня 2006 был успешно завершён перевод репозитория с CVS на SVN.

Hi All!

Midnight Commander Colorer was updated with some new features and user dialog settings.

Download version 0.9:

Hi all!

Just made a update of MC-Colorer mod. Fixed few bugs, implemented eclipse/far-like bracket matching and selection.

You can download it in binaries or source from Colorer's download area:

Famous plugin by Sergei Oblomov is now on sourceforge again. The previous version was called Console Server. Enjoy. =)

+ support of BloodRayne 2 .pod files
* compiled with latest version of plugin.hpp
* makefiles update
+ added makefile.Cygwin

Merry Christmas from Far plugins developers! Tnx to all for participation in making Far Manager better. This year advanced FarPlugins project to a new integration degree in the world of Internet with XML-RPC WebServices, WiKi, News Aggregation and some other features. And we hope, that the next 2005 will be even more productive. =)

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year 2005

. farplugins CVS. project website farplugins-devel.

Welcome to the projects. First plugins are in the base.

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